January 16

Tag 8-10 and 8-9 Bowling Field Trip Rescheduled

The class field trip to Langford Lanes was cancelled on Thursday, Dec.20 due to power outages. It has been rescheduled to Thursday, Jan. 24 1:00 to 3:00. The permission slips and money were collected in December..

Tag 8-10 and 8-9 French Test

Tag 8-10 and 8-9 will have their ER Verb Test on Monday. Jan. 21. Please review using the study guide and flash cards provided:)


January 11

Welcome Back

English 8 The Outsiders

Tag 8-9: Please finish the questions for Ch. 3 by Tuesday, Jan.15

Tag 8-10: Please finish the questions for Ch. 2 by Monday, Jan.14

Socials 8

Tag. 8-10:  The good copy of your Medieval Coat of Arms is due Monday, Jan.14:)


English 8-10 and 8-9

If you didn’t finish your fourth response journal in class today, please finish it over the next few days. Please don’t forget to include step 4 in the response journal.

Socials 8-9 Charlemagne ABC Poem

The good copy of your ABC Poem is due Friday, Dec. 14

December 10

Tag 8-10 and Tag 8-9 Bowling Field Trip

On Thursday, Dec.20 Mrs. Young’s and Mr. Bryan’s advisory groups will be going to Langford Lanes Bowling from 1 until 3. Cost is $15 which covers 2 games of bowling, shoe rental and the bus. Please get permission forms and money in by Tuesday, Dec.18:)

December 7

Tag 8-10 and 8-9 Christmas Hampers and Santa’s Anonymous

Students in both tags have chosen a child to help at Xmas through CFAX Santa’s Anonymous. Each tag is collecting money, which will be matched by Mrs. Young, to buy a gift for a child in need. Deadline for donations is Thursday, Dec. 13.

Families are asked to bring in one or two nonperishable items for the local food bank.

English 8 Tag 8-10 and 8-9

Students should be 1/4 way through their independent novel by Monday ( Tag 8-10) or Tuesday ( Tag 8-9). They should also have written 3 response journals by now.

Socials 8-9

If you did not finish the map for “D” in class today, please finish it for homework. Due Tuesday, Dec.10.

November 29

English 8-9 Mythology Quiz

The  Mythology quiz will be on Friday, November 30. Please review the god and goddesses’ domains. Also be prepared to write 3 paragraphs :

  •  Who is your favourite god/goddess and why? 3 reasons
  •  Who is your favourite  mortal and why? 3 reasons
  •   After reading the Greek and Roman myths, what have we learned about the Greek and Romans themselves? What things did they think were important? What things did they not think were important? (What were their values)